Case Studies

Engineering Case Study

Microheart Drug Delivery Module

The Goal

Create a versatile, precise, metered drug delivery module that can be adapted to various viscosities and multiple dosage amounts for an emerging site-specific treatment method.Develop an encompassing patent portfolio to establish and position a new company in the cardiovascular field.

The Challenge

Research, design, and engineer a set of products for a new treatment method. The devices need to be ergonomically suitable for percutaneous, thoracotomy, and sternotomy procedures. They must be disposable, made from FDA approved materials and able to withstand radiation sterilization.

The Solution

1. A universal drug delivery module that can deliver adjustable dosages of high viscosity drugs.

2. A steerable catheter head that has the ability to enter the left ventricle unaided and deliver accurate dosages to the injured myocardial tissue.

3. A thoracotomy device that includes an endoscope port to locate the injured site and observe drug delivery.

4. A multi-injection device for sternotomy where the surgeon can deliver the drug quickly and accurately as an adjunct procedure.

The Results

Created in 1997, Microheart used its patent position and clinically proven devices to secure funding while preparing for production.